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Soil analysis and distribution of Soil Health Cards.
Soil is a living medium which serves as a natural nutrient source for growth of plants. The components of soils are mineral, organic matter, water and air, the proportions of which vary and together form a system for plant growth. Soils are studied and classified according to their use. Soil surveys are made for Natural Resource Management and soil testing is conducted as part of Fertilizer Use and Management

Site specific nutrient management involving soil test based application of fertilizers is critical to enhance fertilizer use efficiency. A fertilizer not suitable to a soil type can be called as an incorrect fertilizer used for that soil, and in such case, fertilizer consumption ceases to be efficient to increase production. Different types of fertilizers are required to be used in acidic/ alkaline soils. Fertigation involving the use of water soluble fertilizers through drip and sprinkler irrigation is expected to give better use efficiency for water and fertilizers. Therefore, it is necessary to promote use of required sources of plant available forms of nutrients coupled with use of soil amendments in acidic/ alkaline soils so as to enhance soil nutrient availability.

In view of the critical role played by soil testing in ensuring balanced and efficient use of fertilizers, State Department has taken soil testing programme vigorously . The State Governments are preparing district wise and also block wise fertility maps. State government has started computerization of soil test data, which the farmers can access online .

There is also a mechanism to issue soil health cards every 3 years in respect of all landholdings in order to capture the soil fertility changes occurring due to plant uptake or other natural causes. More attention has been given on the follow up measures on the soil nutrient deficiencies identified in soil health cards. Along with soil health cards that diagnose fertility related constraints, small and marginal farmers need technical support to apply site specific fertilizer recommendations. Therefore, Soil Health Card Scheme is proposed for periodic testing of soil and to recommend nutrient management.